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Photography Logo Design & Visual Branding Package for Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Posted on April 30, 2015

Nick Benson, a very talented wedding photographer from Monroe, CT, recently came to Visual Lure for a rebrand. During the discovery stages, Nick was consistently referring to one of his wife’s favorite brands, Tory Burch. They both loved the look and feel of the brand and its popular monogram icon.

Inspired by the embellished block serif of the Tory Burch logo, we started sketching similar custom N’s and B’s. That’s when we came across a pleasant little surprise. While drawing a custom letter N, we discovered we could hide a very subtle B in the negative space of the N, similar to how the FedEx logo has the hidden arrow in between the E and the X. It may take a second or two to see it, but once you do, you always will.

At that point we quit sketching as we knew this would be the final mark. We usually provide anywhere from four to eight initial logo options, but for this one, it was the only option we presented to our client. Nick still wanted to see what else I had done but quickly agreed that this logo was it.

Below you can see Nick’s new logo in all its glory with additional format options, one with a shiny golden brass effect added to it along with some sample packaging. We think this mark feels very high-end and screams luxury, two of the main traits our client wanted his new logo to feel.

Nick Benson Photography Branding Package


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Logo Design & Branding for a Pennsylvania Photographer

Posted on April 20, 2015

We had the pleasure of meeting Pam Baumann at this years Shutterfest. Pam is a professional photographer based out of Limerick, Pennsylvania. She originally started out as a nature photographer and is now focusing more on family and individual portraiture. When we met Pam she had no idea what she wanted her brand to look like. Since we were in the trade show area, I decided to start helping her define her brand by visiting the Photo Flash Drive booth. I asked her what style of zip drive or box was she drawn to. She walked right past the modern crystal drive, and the high-fashion alligator skinned boxes and went immediately towards the premium wood packaging. This was the start of defining her brand. We then discussed what large named brands have an aesthetic that she gravitates towards but she couldn’t think of any. As we walked through the trade show we were discussing the booth designs, that’s when she saw one she really loved. I can’t recall the name of the company, but the booth used worn corrugated metal, reclaimed wood, earth tones and had a very rustic look and feel, yet it still felt inviting and warm. She instantly said that was the direction she wanted to go. Once I saw that booth it reminded me of Timberland, the boot company, so I mentioned that brand to her and she agreed that it had elements she liked.

From there, we discussed what type of logo she wanted, a type-based logo, a monogram, a crest of some kind or one with an icon. Without hesitation Pam said she wanted an icon. We then talked about what the icon could be, as the best ones have some type of meaning behind them. The conversation started with Pam possibly wanting to use hills, a sunset with trees, etc. but I told her icons need to be simple. It then went into possibly using a camera aperture or shutter, which I hate to use unless it is incorporated in a clever and memorable way. We despise photography logos that use generic cameras or shutters, they feel so impersonal and cliche.

This led us to the discussion of possibly using a tree which is a great symbol for family. We talked about using a tree with her initials hidden in the branches, but she was not sold. The conversation then moved into using a leaf or leaves. By this time Pam’s visual brand was pretty well defined. It was natural, rustic and colorful yet warm. That is when it hit me, using leaves to create an camera aperture. I drew a quick sketch and Pam was instantly sold. My first concern was has it been done before, I searched a couple of the largest logo databases along with Google Images and found nothing. This made us both extremely happy.

Below in Pam’s new logo along with the beginning stages of her visual branding package, including sample identity, flash drive packaging, typefaces and color palettes.


Do you need help defining your brand and implementing a full identity package to match? Give Visual Lure a call today at 618-407-9231, we would love to help you find your brand.

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New Logo for a Chicago Glamour/Fashion Photographer

Posted on November 26, 2014

Jeremy Cheshareck is a portrait and glamour photographer located in Joliet, Illinois, just south of Chicago. His photography is edgy with a high-end fashion aesthetic. After meeting with Jeremy, he had just decided to break his current brand into two entities: Jeremy Cheshareck Photography and J. Chez Photography. Jeremy Cheshareck Photography will focus on high school seniors and portraiture, and J. Chez will focus on glamour and fashion. He chose to split the two because he didn’t want to alienate seniors and their parents with his more risque fashion work. We, along with the Salvatore Cincotta team, helped him come up with J. Chez Photography. This name keeps his new brand personal but allows him to market to a completely different audience.

Jeremy didn’t want his new logo to feel like a photography logo and he really wanted to incorporate lions into the design somehow. Below is the new logo along with a sample identity package, including business cards, letterhead and envelopes. The new logo features a J.C. monogram sandwiched between two lions and topped with a crown.


J. Chez Photography branding/logo design

Update: Here is the logo with a new steel effect added to it.

J. Chez Photography Logo Steel effect

…and the new logo for his sister brand Jeremy Cheshareck Photography:


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Branding Package for a North Carolina Photographer

Posted on November 19, 2014

Warren McCormack is a very talented photographer located in Cary, North Carolina. I had the pleasure of meeting Warren at last year’s Shutterfest as he assisted me with setting up my presentations on branding and search engine optimization (SEO). Warren recently contracted me to help him build a cohesive visual branding package.

Not all the branding and identity work we do starts from scratch. That is the case with this project. Before Warren came to us, he had a hodgepodge of branding materials. Much of his marketing and collaterals used different color logos and overall his pieces did not complement each other as a good visual brand should. That is where we came in.

Warren liked, and wanted to keep his existing icon. He just wanted to upgrade the typography in the logo. He also wanted us to help him tie everything together so that his brand had one cohesive look and feel. Other than that, his only request was to design using a SIMPLE and CLEAN aesthetic.

Below you can see our work to date (right underneath his old logo). The original logo was sometimes used in grey and other times in black. The icon was much too large for the type and the typography didn’t really complement the icon. The new modified logo is better balanced and the new custom designed W and M in his name help tie the icon and type together. In addition to the logo upgrade we helped Warren make sure that his new identity system and packaging all matched (which can all be seen below).

This is an open project, so check back soon for any updates, and contact us today if you need help with your branding, logo or packaging. We would love to help.

Warren McCormack Photography Branding

Dallas Fort Worth Photography Studio Logo Design

Posted on September 6, 2013

Shue Studios, a Dallas Fort Worth photography studio, recently hired Visual Lure to design a new logo.  They wanted to somehow incorporate two letter S’s in the logo mark, and they really liked the logo we designed for Scott Yarberry Photography. Below are the initial logo design options we provided, and at the very bottom are the final logos.  As you can see, some of the options (and the final logo) have a similar feel to the Scott Yarberry logo, but are still completely different.  It is a good example of how you can use an existing logo to inspire the creation of another one without copying it in any way.

shue studios photography logo design

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Complete Rebrand for Vancouver Photography Studio

Posted on August 28, 2013

Visual Lure is currently working on completely rebranding Konstantin Photography, a Vancouver British Columbia photography studio. Konstantin is a very talented photographer and his photography has a high-end fashion forward look so we came up with a simple and clean aesthetic to complement his work.

Pictured below is the final logo in two different formats, underneath that is the new identity package (business card, letterhead and envelope design) and the new homepage design for a fully custom search engine optimized WordPress website.


logo and website for konstantin photography

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Update: Here is a print ad we designed for Konstantin to complement his new brand:

Konstantin Photography print ad design

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Update: Here is a mock-up of custom flash drives packaging that also complement his new brand:

flash drive package design

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Logo & Identity Design for Australian Photographer

Posted on May 3, 2013

Visual Lure recently acquired its first client from the Land Down Under, Ronwyn Graham Photography. Ronwyn is a very talented photographer from Victoria, Australia specializing in newborns and babies.  She contracted Visual Lure to design a new logo and identity package (letterhead/stationary). She loves watercolors, flower photography and she studied Chinese brush painting for 3 years. She also has the sweetest voice and accent we’ve ever heard.

Ronwyn wanted a clean, simple, classic logo that would stand the test of time.  You can see our initial logo design options and the final logo design below.  Underneath the logos is our proposed identity design package.  Check back soon to see the final identity design.

photography logo design for Ronwyn Graham photography

…and here is our proposed identity/letterhead design:

letterhead design, identity design for Ronwyn Graham photography

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…and feedback from the client:

thank you testimonial for logo design services