We design and develop websites that get found on search engines, resonate with their target audience, generate tangible leads, convert users into customers, and provide a quick return on investment. All our sites are fast-loading, responsive, user-friendly, and expertly-crafted.

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Looking for the best St. Louis web design, internet marketing or SEO company? Look no further. When you consider pricing, knowledge, creativity, the quality of the design & coding, and the effectiveness of a website, we believe our web design services are unparalleled.

Visual Lure specializes in fully custom, responsive (mobile, tablet & desktop friendly), search engine optimized WordPress websites. The majority of our clientele is located in the Greater Saint Louis metropolitan area, but we have clients all over the country (and the world) who collectively represent nearly every industry. We have experience with clients in the construction, healthcare, real estate, non-for-profit, government, retail, logistics, and financial sectors. We’ve provided extensive website development services to attorneys and law firms, as well as high-end photographers.

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Professionally Designed with Creativity & Business Acumen

How your website looks is just as important as how it functions. A well-designed website should be visually cohesive with the rest of its brand. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and have a look and feel that complements the industry it serves. Color choices, typeface selections, the layout of information, use of white space and the presentation of call to actions are seemingly simple details, yet each can have a tremendous impact on the overall success of a website. It should guide users to the information they are seeking and help convert them into loyal customers.

Not only are we creatives, but we have in-depth branding, marketing, and business acumen which is imperative to creating a website that generates REAL RESULTS.


Delivery of a Quality User Experience (UX)

Long gone are the days of viewing websites exclusively from desktop computers. With every Google algorithm update, it becomes more and more important for a website to deliver a good overall user experience (UX) on all smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. A site boasting a superior UX is one that is fast loading, logically structured, well organized, easy to navigate, provides useful information, and able to adapt to accommodate the parameters of the device being used.

All our websites are built using responsive web design, which utilizes one source of code to tell a website how to adjust its layout to fit the device it is being viewed on. For example, a website may use a three column layout when viewed on a desktop computer. That same site would automatically transform to two columns when viewed on a tablet, and adjust to one column when viewed on a smartphone. Font sizes may increase, and spacing may change on smaller devices so that users don’t have to zoom in to easily read the content.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If we build it, they will come…

Search engine optimization no longer relies on simply the placement of keywords. It now comes down to how a site is structured, the quality of the design, the delivery of a quality user experience, the number and quality of inbound links, citations, reviews, load speeds, how users interact with your website, and much more.

From the planning stages to deployment and post-launch tracking and monitoring, all the websites we design are developed with SEO in mind. We do not use any black hat techniques or tricks that can get your website demoted or penalized. We use a comprehensive approach and provide our clients with the tools and information they will need to build a solid, and superior, long-term SEO strategy.



User Friendly Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS), if setup and developed properly, allows our clients with little or no programming knowledge to easily update and maintain an entire website. Our CMS of choice is WordPress. It is the most widely used CMS in the world because it is easy to use, search engine friendly, and offers a vast selection of plugins that add functionality to websites.

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Technically Sound & Pristinely Coded

Unlike some web design companies, we do not build websites using preexisting templates or themes. All the sites we develop are built from scratch with clean and minimal code using as few plugins as possible. As a result, we are not bloating our websites with thousands of lines of unused code like some themes do. Having messy code can cause problems with search engine indexing and slow down load times, both of which can negatively effect a website’s search rankings.


Tracking & Monitoring Your Website After Launch

All the websites we design and develop are setup with Google Analytics and (previously called Webmaster Tools). These free resources allow us and our clients to monitor their website’s traffic and activity, collect basic user data and provide warnings if the website is having any issues. The information these tools provide is extremely important as it can help determine if a website needs to be adjusted or repaired.

Best St. Louis Website Design Firm

Best St. Louis Web Designers

Not only do we think we’re one of the best web design companies in St. Louis, MO, but so does Expertise and UpCity. is a website committed to creating lists of the best local experts and professionals in their fields. In 2016 they reviewed 251 St. Louis website designers, curated the top 101 and created a list of the best 25. In 2017 they reviewed 99 and selected the top 26. The ranking criteria was based on reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism and engagement. Visual Lure is honored to have been selected as one of the best web designers in St. Louis by Expertise again for 2018 and 2019, making it the fourth year in a row.

In addition to naming Visual Lure as a top St. Louis web design firm, so has UpCity. UpCity selects the agencies based on how well the design firms represent themselves online, from the user experience of their website to their social media presence and prominence in organic search results. Visual Lure has made UpCity’s Top Web Designers in St. Louis List for the last four years.

St. Louis web design process

Our Web Design Process

A website tailor-made for you and your business…

Visual Lure believes that every website we create should be approached differently in order to fulfill our clients’ unique needs and goals. That is why we design and develop all our websites from scratch. This ensures that they are clean-coded, fast-loading, use the fewest number of third-party plugins and most importantly, are not restricted in any way by the confinements of a pre-built design. Your content shouldn’t be forced to fit into a pre-existing layout. It should be designed and laid out in the best, most logical, visually appealing way possible.

Click the buttons below to learn more about our web design and development process, from goal setting and sitemap planning to keyword research and post-launch monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing SEO.

Setting Website Goals


The first thing we’ll do is work with you to establish goals for your website and help you define your target audience. Some of the pertinent questions at this stage include:

  • What are the main objectives of the site?
  • Are you trying to inform and educate, sell a product or service, fundraise or generate and capture leads?
  • What is your competition doing?
  • What makes you, your products or your services different or better than the competition, – and what is the best way to communicate your success?

After we gain a better understanding of what you would like to accomplish, we’ll then work with you to determine how we can best meet those goals.


Site map development & planning


Google, and other search engines, LOVE a well organized website. And so does EVERYONE else. It is a critical component in delivering a good user-experience (UX).

During the sitemap development and planning stage, we work with you to determine what pages will be included on your website and then organize them in the best, most logical way possible. A question we always ask at this stage is “Where do we want to guide users, and how do we get them there the easiest way possible?” A great rule of thumb to follow is that a user should be able to access any page of a site with only a couple clicks.


Keyword research & planning

Not only does Visual Lure specialize in custom web design and development, but we are also search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Having a website that no one can find is useless. By using proper white hat techniques, SEO can help drive traffic to your site.

At this stage, we first determine what your potential users or customers are searching for. We then do keyword research to build a comprehensive list of your main targeted search terms. From there, we determine which pages will be optimized for what terms. Additional content may need to be created, and the sitemap will be adjusted accordingly.


Web Design Wireframes


For more complex websites, we design wireframes for the intricate parts of the site, especially sites that have complex forms and back-end functionality. Wireframes are simple line drawings of the layout of a web page. The benefit of doing this is being able to visually see the page structure before building out the actual site. Making changes at this stage is simpler and less time-consuming. For simple informational websites, we sometimes skip this stage.

website content creation


Sometimes our clients provide us with all the website content. Other times, we help develop it for them.


When clients are writing all the content, we require them to provide a Word (or basic text) file for every page of the website. Each file should contain all the copy for that page, along with any functionality notes, detailing whether the page does anything special, if there is a call to action or a submission form, etc.


When Visual Lure develops all the content, we always set up a meeting with our head web designer/strategist and our copywriter. We go over the entire site, formulate a sitemap and conduct interviews in order to develop the messaging and content. Copy is provided to the client for review and massaged, if necessary.


In addition to the copy, each page may feature graphics or photos. If the client is providing images, we ask that each file be named according to the web page they’ll be included on and the order they will be featured (for example, “about page image 1” or “about page Image 2” and so on). If stock imagery is being used, detailed notes about what type of images you’d like to use is required. A number of stock photos and custom illustrations are included in our web design packages, and our professional illustrators and photography partners are also available.

Establish web design aesthetic


Now to the fun stage. What will the site look like? Do you already have an existing brand aesthetic? If not, we find it helpful when our clients spend some time finding other websites they find visually appealing. We won’t copy the websites you like; they simply provide us with a better idea of the aesthetic you’re drawn to. Once we have a good sense of what you like, we come up with original designs tailored just for you.

Your budget will determine the number of initial design options you will get to choose from. We typically provide two homepage design options. Based on the chosen design, we then design all the other unique template pages and mobile comps. At this stage, a couple of rounds of revisions are included.


Design approval, Beta site staging & content population


Once all the designs are approved, we convert them into a fully functioning website that sits on a staging server, hidden from search engines. We then populate the site with all your content and provide you access for review. Any revisions and tweaks are made until the site is ready for launch.

Right before final launch, we test all the forms and functionality on all major browsers and from desktop, tablet and mobile devices (both in landscape and portrait orientation) to make sure everything looks and functions properly.


301 Redirects


If the website is a redesign, we make sure all the old pages redirect to the proper new ones. If this isn’t done properly, visitors can try and visit old pages that no longer exist, and get "page not found" errors. Not only is this a usability/UX issue, but your site can plummet from search results as 301’s do pass on existing ranking power. This stage is not necessary for completely new websites.


web design launch


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … blast off! Your site is live. Once this happens, we go through the entire site, every page, to make sure nothing went wrong from the beta stage to going live. Once again, we test all the forms and functionality on all major browsers and from all different devices.


Google Analytics & Search Console Setup  

Directly after launch, we set the website up with Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools). These free services help us, and you, monitor and generate reports on the website’s traffic and provide diagnostics on the health of your site. During this stage, we also submit an XML site map to Google to help improve potential search rankings.


Monitoring, Maintenance & ongoing SEO


We do offer annual maintenance and ongoing SEO plans post-launch. Even though website maintenance training is included with all our sites, many of our clients prefer that we do all the ongoing SEO, monitoring and maintenance for them. These plans are customizable and can include the following options:

  • We make sure the website is running the latest version of the content management system or platform being utilized, and we keep all plugins up to date. These are extremely important for the security of a site.
  • We monitor the security of the site, and if hacked, we run diagnostics and clean everything up.
  • We handle all hosting upgrades.
  • We make any improvements or repairs based on the data collected from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • We provide ongoing SEO services to ensure long-term search engine ranking results.