Whether you’re looking for a corporate look, something cutting edge, whimsical or traditional, Visual Lure can come up with eye-catching designs that will reflect the aesthetic and message you want.

St. Louis graphic design

A Professional Eye-Catching Graphic Design Firm

All the graphic design pieces we develop are logically structured and use sensible informational hierarchy. We highlight the most important information with intelligent and aesthetically pleasing design choices. By doing this, we can take complex information and organize it so that it’s easy to follow and comprehend. We create designs that are eye-catching and visually appropriate for their market, industry and target audience. Our print and graphic design services include, but are not limited to: ad design, annual reports, brochures, business cards, catalogs, direct mail, online graphics, flyers & pamphlets, folders & inserts, letterhead & envelopes, magazines, postcards, posters, billboards, signage & environmental graphics, vehicle wraps, package design/packaging, and trade show booths & graphics.

St. Louis graphic design portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Visual Lure has designed almost every type of branding and marketing material imaginable, from brochures, catalogs, posters and annual reports to environmental signage, online graphics, vehicle wraps and trade show booths. We have also served almost every type of industry, from healthcare, technology, and legal to restaurant, construction and industrial. Check out our graphic design portfolio to view some of our designs, and see first hand, the versatility and quality of our work. Please contact us for more information or to receive a FREE graphic design quote.



St. Louis Copywriter


copywriting & St. Louis graphic design

Are you having a difficult time finding the right words you’d like to use in your marketing materials? We can take what you’ve written and clean it up, embellish it, or rework it entirely. We can also simply interview you and develop professionally written copy that informs, grabs people’s attention, and inspires potential customers to take action.

In addition to our in-house copywriting services, we also have personal relationships with some of St. Louis, Missouri’s finest copywriters and public relations specialists. We can select the right one for you and coordinate with them to develop top-notch copy for your next graphic design project.

St. Louis commercial photographer


photography & St. Louis graphic design

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more true. Without a doubt, professional photography can make any graphic design piece stand out and instantly add credibility to it. It can help sell a home, make a product look more desirable, and even make food appear tastier. Simply put, it can make your company look better.

For your photography needs, Visual Lure can take photos for you or purchase stock photography, but nothing will be as good as using a professional photographer who is a master at their craft. We have partnerships with multiple St. Louis commercial photographers specializing in everything from product and food photography to head shots and architecture.

St. Louis Illustrator


St. Louis illustration & graphic design

Sometimes a product, system, concept, or complex information, can not be explained visually by using text or photography alone. Many times a custom illustration can solve this dilemma. At other times, a high-impact illustration can be more eye-catching than any other type of graphic element.

Here at Visual Lure we can illustrate everything from infographics and sports logos to 3-D renderings and technical drawings. We also have close relationships with a handful of world-class illustrators, both around the world and right here in the St. Louis, MO area.

graphic design print services

Print Coordination & Press Checking

Once Visual Lure has completed your graphic design artwork, we can provide you with final press ready files, or we can coordinate all the printing for you.

If you prefer for us to handle the printing, Visual Lure will get multiple print bids from local, reliable, high-quality printers that we’ve worked with in the past. We then provide you with the lowest quote. We also personally press check the printing for quality control and to ensure everything gets printed as the original design was intended.