Branding Package for a North Carolina Photographer

Posted on November 19, 2014

Warren McCormack is a very talented photographer located in Cary, North Carolina. I had the pleasure of meeting Warren at last year’s Shutterfest as he assisted me with setting up my presentations on branding and search engine optimization (SEO). Warren recently contracted me to help him build a cohesive visual branding package.

Not all the branding and identity work we do starts from scratch. That is the case with this project. Before Warren came to us, he had a hodgepodge of branding materials. Much of his marketing and collaterals used different color logos and overall his pieces did not complement each other as a good visual brand should. That is where we came in.

Warren liked, and wanted to keep his existing icon. He just wanted to upgrade the typography in the logo. He also wanted us to help him tie everything together so that his brand had one cohesive look and feel. Other than that, his only request was to design using a SIMPLE and CLEAN aesthetic.

Below you can see our work to date (right underneath his old logo). The original logo was sometimes used in grey and other times in black. The icon was much too large for the type and the typography didn’t really complement the icon. The new modified logo is better balanced and the new custom designed W and M in his name help tie the icon and type together. In addition to the logo upgrade we helped Warren make sure that his new identity system and packaging all matched (which can all be seen below).

This is an open project, so check back soon for any updates, and contact us today if you need help with your branding, logo or packaging. We would love to help.

Warren McCormack Photography Branding