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Full Branding Package for Photography Company Featured on Creative Live

Posted on April 19, 2013

As seen on Creative Live by Salvatore Cincotta

Salvatore Cincotta recently contracted Visual Lure to design a complete branding/identity package for one of his lucky on-screen viewers at Creative Live.  Gray Photography, soon to be Jeff & Jewels Photography, was the lucky viewer who received the gift.  Included was a new logo design, a stationary/identity package, and a custom WordPress website home page layout.  Sal also requested that we show our design process along the way.  Below you will see everything from initial logo design sketches to final home page design.

After our initial consultation with the client, they decided that “vintage” and “modern” were what they wanted their image to portray.  They wanted it to look high-end yet have a vintage charm, similar to their style of photography. They also wanted to stick with a black and white color theme, which is always a great color pallet for photographers. It allows the photography itself to really stand out.

Here are some of our initial logo design sketches:

logo design sketches for photography logo

Next, we took the sketches into the computer and developed the initial batch of logo design options.  Here are all the initial logos we provided the client:

initial photography logo design options we provided

Once we received feedback, we made a couple minor adjustments to three logos they selected.  Here they are:

photography logo design options down to three

The client loved all three and had a hard time deciding, but in the end, they selected the logo design at the bottom. Here is the final logo and stationary/identity package including fonts and patterns.

branding/identity design for photography/photographer

To wrap up the package, we designed a custom WordPress website home page layout.  Here it is:

photography WordPress web design home page comp

Learn more about our logo design services and don’t forget to check out our logo design portfolio.

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Logo Design for a Sacramento, California Photographer & Videographer

Posted on April 20, 2012

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design a new logo for Jag Uppal of Cherishing Moments, a Sacramento, California based photographer and videographer.  We initially started out with some typography based logos but Jag wanted something more original and unique. He also requested that we try to incorporate a camera into the new logo design, so we developed a couple camera logos but where unsatisfied with our initial solutions. In an attempt to gain a fresh perspective, we tried to go in another direction. Since Jag is of Indian decent, and the majority of his clientele is too, we did some research and found that the Lotus flower was the Indian symbol for beauty. Perfect we thought, capturing beautiful moments with beautiful imagery and tying in his heritage. Using this as inspiration we developed the bottom right logo below, a Lotus flower wrapped with a ribbon and an Indian inspired serif/script style typeface. We also explored a simple monogram crest/seal which Jag really liked but was still adamant about using a camera in the logo. By replacing the simple monogram crest with a monogrammed camera (the letter C creates the lens and the letter M a glare) we wrapped this baby up.

Learn more about our logo design services and don’t forget to check out our logo design portfolio.

T-Shirt/Logo Design for WPPI Speaker

Posted on March 7, 2012

We recently went to Las Vegas for the 2012 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International tradeshow, more commonly knows as WPPI. I believe it is the largest photography tradeshow in the World with an attendance close to 16,000 people.  We went there for a couple reason: 1) to support our friend and client Salvatore Cincotta who spoke to a packed platform class of approximately 800 people about taking their business to the next level.  And 2) to offer his class and others a limited time special on logo design and branding.  For those of you who don’t know Sal, he is an international award winning photographer, speaker, educator and published writer.  His class featured a live performance by Ingrid Michaelson (courtesy of Song Freedom), a t-shirt gun, free giveaways, Q and A’s and more, not to mention some excellent tips and business advice for photographers. One of Sal’s main speaking points is about finding and using what he calls your X Factor, defining what’s different about your company and using it to your advantage.  Since this is one of his core messages he wanted some X Factor t-shirts made to give away during his speech, or should I say blast them into the crowd using a t-shirt gun.  You can see the t-shirts we designed below.


X Factor t-shirt graphic design

X Factor t-shirt design

closeup view

To learn more about Sal and his companies you can visit these websites, all of which we designed (except for Evolve’s)

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