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Logo & Branding Package for Canton, Michigan Photography Studio

Posted on October 16, 2014

Kristy Eldredge is a talented Canton, Michigan photographer who specializes in high school seniors portraits. She recently came to Visual Lure for help with re-branding her studio. During the discovery stage of designing her new logo, she provided us with the following samples that she liked: Calvin Klein, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Valentino and Victoria’s Secret. Almost all of these logos used monograms so that is the direction we decide to go. Below you can see our initial logo options, the final logo formats, a sample identity package, pattern, suggested typefaces and colors along with a sample watermark.

Kristy had a hard time selecting her final logo due to all the strong options we provided, but we agree with her final decision. The new mark is clean, classy and timeless.

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Kristy Eldredge Photography logo & branding package

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Logo Design for Indianapolis, Indiana Photographer

Posted on October 13, 2014

Tracy Laswell Photography, a studio based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, recently contracted Visual Lure to design a new logo. During our discovery process, Tracy provided us with some logos that he liked. Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton where some of the logos he wanted his brand to emulate. These logos are all very simple and clean with monograms complementing the names. He also liked Salvatore Cincotta Photography and Ray-Ban’s logos which are script/handwritten based logos.

Our initial logo design options can be seen below which reflect the style of the logos he provided. We designed more initial monogram based logos but only chose to show the one below as we felt it was the strongest. Below the initial options are the final logo and branding package which includes the logo format options, icon/monogram options, colors, typefaces, proposed identity package and a sample watermark.


Initial Logo Design Options:

Tracy Laswell initial logo design options


Final Logo Formats and Branding Package:


Rebranding a Montreal, Canada Photography & Videography Studio

Posted on September 30, 2014

Michel Ferland is a professional photographer and videographer based out of Lachine, Québec, a borough in the city of Montreal, Canada. He found us via CreativeLive after attending one of Salvatore Cincotta’s workshops. When he came to us, his company was called M1 Photo. He felt that the name was too corporate and industrial for such a personalized business. Michel wanted to use his full name, Michel Ferland, for his studio but there was another photographer in his market, with the exact same name, who was already using it. After bouncing a bunch of names around, we decided to just use his first name.

Michel’s old logo was corporate looking, generic and unoriginal. He wanted his new brand to feel rich, high-end and luxurious. After a couple rounds of options we were not where we needed to be in the process of narrowing down a final logo. While I was working on another project, I started messing around with a call to action burst and was inspired to create what you see before you.

Below is the complete branding collection including logos, identity package, typefaces and colors. If you think this is as sharp as we do, please like and share below.

Michel Photo et Film Logo & Branding

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Logo Design for a Denver, Colorado Husband & Wife Photography Team

Posted on June 25, 2014

Some of our clients have no idea what direction they want to go in when starting to build a new brand, while others have done their research and know exactly what they want.  In the case of Joe and Robin Harbison, a husband and wife wedding photography team out of Denver, CO, they pretty much knew exactly where they wanted to go with their new brand.  They had color palettes already selected and samples of logos they liked. They were leaning towards a circle logo that incorporated mountains and weddings as they prefer to shoot mountain weddings.

Below is the final logo along with a sample identity package to show how they can start building their visual brand.

branding, identity & logo design

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Fun Logo Design for a Fisheye Photo Booth Company

Posted on May 15, 2014

Visual Lure just wrapped up this new logo for Fisheye Booth, a West Virginia photo booth company that takes fun event photos using a fisheye lens. Since the photos are playful and hilarious, they wanted a “fun” logo that would stand out and be memorable.  Below is the new logo design and identity package we delivered.

The logo features a fish with a camera shutter eyeball, all slightly distorted in the same way as the photo booth images.  The fish is also carrying a cane and wearing a bow tie and top hat as the booth will most likely be used at weddings and other formal events.  Those elements were also added because the booth will supply funny props such as glasses, hats, and other accessories to enhance the experience and the images.

fisheye photography logo design

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Branding a Miami, FL Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Posted on May 14, 2014

Leonardo Volturo, a very talented photographer and videographer from Miami, FL recently contracted Visual Lure to re-brand his engagement and wedding photography studio.  The branding package included a new logo, a business card design, a print ad and a new custom, responsive designed WordPress website and blog.  The new website features a Pinterest style masonry portfolio with a pop-up slideshow and an infinite scrolling blog.  We will also be providing search engine optimization (SEO) services as they were having a hard time getting their existing website to rank in the highly competitive “Miami wedding photographer” search results.

The new website is currently in the development stages and should launch later this month, so check back soon to see the new site. In the meantime, check out his current website at www.leonardovolturo.com.

logo and website design for LV photography

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