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Professional Photographer Logo Designs Catch Up

Posted on October 26, 2015

Visual Lure designs a ton of logos for professional photographers. Why? For a couple reasons:

1.Because we truly understand the photography business.

How? Well it all started out with our good friend Salvatore Cincotta. We’ve known Sal since he was working at Microsoft and just starting his home-based photography business. We’ve always shared contacts, resources and we have done whatever we could to help each others companies succeed. In the very beginning, we would talk with Sal about his branding, promotion strategies and all aspects of the business almost on a daily basis. It was during this time that Sal was developing and refining his current business system which he now teaches to other professional photographers. We know this system first hand and have actually had the pleasure of watching it transform over the years. Today Sal is a world-class photographer, educator, author and entrepreneur with multiple award winning companies. Just this year his umbrella company was on the list of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies.

2. Because we write about branding for one of the top professional photography resources and publication in the market: Behind the Shutter and Shutter Magazine.

Justen Hong of Visual Lure writes articles about branding and marketing for Behind the Shutter and Shutter Magazine. Topics include articles about logo design, website design, package design and search engine optimization (SEO). We also speak every year at Shutterfest (Behind the Shutter’s annual photography conference held in St. Louis, MO). This leads to a lot of photographers contacting us for help in defining their brand (which usually starts with a new logo).

3. Because of photographer referrals.

When you combine the referrals from Sal, all the Shutter entities along with all our happy photographer clients, it leads to more photography logos. Which leads us to the true purpose of this post. We simply do not have the time to write up a blog post for every photography logo we design, so we decided to pack a bunch into one post. Below you can see a small collection of logos we’ve designed for photographers from all over the United States, and one from Austria. The collection features monogram logos, a couple crest/seal logos, and a few typography-based logos.

If you’re looking for a new photography logo that will stand out and last the test of time, contact Visual Lure today. We would love to help.

photographers logo designs

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New Logo for a Chicago Glamour/Fashion Photographer

Posted on November 26, 2014

Jeremy Cheshareck is a portrait and glamour photographer located in Joliet, Illinois, just south of Chicago. His photography is edgy with a high-end fashion aesthetic. After meeting with Jeremy, he had just decided to break his current brand into two entities: Jeremy Cheshareck Photography and J. Chez Photography. Jeremy Cheshareck Photography will focus on high school seniors and portraiture, and J. Chez will focus on glamour and fashion. He chose to split the two because he didn’t want to alienate seniors and their parents with his more risque fashion work. We, along with the Salvatore Cincotta team, helped him come up with J. Chez Photography. This name keeps his new brand personal but allows him to market to a completely different audience.

Jeremy didn’t want his new logo to feel like a photography logo and he really wanted to incorporate lions into the design somehow. Below is the new logo along with a sample identity package, including business cards, letterhead and envelopes. The new logo features a J.C. monogram sandwiched between two lions and topped with a crown.


J. Chez Photography branding/logo design

Update: Here is the logo with a new steel effect added to it.

J. Chez Photography Logo Steel effect

…and the new logo for his sister brand Jeremy Cheshareck Photography:


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Logo Design for a Denver, Colorado Husband & Wife Photography Team

Posted on June 25, 2014

Some of our clients have no idea what direction they want to go in when starting to build a new brand, while others have done their research and know exactly what they want.  In the case of Joe and Robin Harbison, a husband and wife wedding photography team out of Denver, CO, they pretty much knew exactly where they wanted to go with their new brand.  They had color palettes already selected and samples of logos they liked. They were leaning towards a circle logo that incorporated mountains and weddings as they prefer to shoot mountain weddings.

Below is the final logo along with a sample identity package to show how they can start building their visual brand.

branding, identity & logo design

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Fun Logo Design for a Fisheye Photo Booth Company

Posted on May 15, 2014

Visual Lure just wrapped up this new logo for Fisheye Booth, a West Virginia photo booth company that takes fun event photos using a fisheye lens. Since the photos are playful and hilarious, they wanted a “fun” logo that would stand out and be memorable.  Below is the new logo design and identity package we delivered.

The logo features a fish with a camera shutter eyeball, all slightly distorted in the same way as the photo booth images.  The fish is also carrying a cane and wearing a bow tie and top hat as the booth will most likely be used at weddings and other formal events.  Those elements were also added because the booth will supply funny props such as glasses, hats, and other accessories to enhance the experience and the images.

fisheye photography logo design

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Logo Design for San Francisco, CA Photographer

Posted on September 20, 2013

Visual Lure has been so busy that we’ve missed a couple projects we designed from a while back.  Months ago, we designed this logo for Elisa Cicinelli, a very talented photographer from San Francisco, California.  Elisa shoots everything from corporate and weddings, to high school seniors and families, and she services the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including Napa Valley, Sonoma, Peninsula & East Bay, Monterey and Carmel Valley. You can view her photography at www.elisacicinelli.com.

Below is the final logo and watermark we designed along with a sample identity package (letterhead, envelop and business card design).

san francisco photography logo Elisa Cicinelli

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Dallas Fort Worth Photography Studio Logo Design

Posted on September 6, 2013

Shue Studios, a Dallas Fort Worth photography studio, recently hired Visual Lure to design a new logo.  They wanted to somehow incorporate two letter S’s in the logo mark, and they really liked the logo we designed for Scott Yarberry Photography. Below are the initial logo design options we provided, and at the very bottom are the final logos.  As you can see, some of the options (and the final logo) have a similar feel to the Scott Yarberry logo, but are still completely different.  It is a good example of how you can use an existing logo to inspire the creation of another one without copying it in any way.

shue studios photography logo design

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