Logo Design for Washington D.C. Photographer

Posted on April 26, 2013

Visual Lure is in the process of designing a new logo for You In Focus, a Washington D.C. based photography company owned by Olga Miroshnichenko.  She too contracted Visual Lure after seeing our work featured on Salvatore Cincotta’s Creative Live workshop.

Olga wanted to use her full name for her company but knew it would be hard to spell and pronounce for some of her clientele. For this reason, she decided to name her company You In Focus Photography.  We felt, You In Focus, didn’t sound like a luxury brand so we recommended shortening her last name and just using Olga Miro for the company name.  Below are a couple logos we designed for You In Focus and underneath those are the logos we created for Olga Miro Photography.  Check back soon to see what directions Olga decides to take.

side note: even though we absolutely love the (first column, second row) You In Focus logo below, we feel it doesn’t match the type of brand Olga is trying to create. Why do we love it?  Because the company name is You In Focus and the letter U is in focus.  How genius is that?

photography logo design for Washington D.C. photographer

UPDATE: Here are the final two logo designs:

Olga's final two photography logo designs

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