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Holland Construction Christmas Card Design

Posted on December 16, 2015

Every year Visual Lure designs a custom Christmas card for Holland Construction Services. This year’s card was designed utilizing five stock illustrations. Safety glasses and a safety vest were custom drawn onto the stock illustrated snowman. The final artwork was then reformatted for a postcard.

HcsXmas2015 Hcs-Xmas2015-2

Logo Design for St. Louis Business/Life Coach

Posted on March 13, 2012

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design a logo for St. Louis based business and life coach Rodney Mueller. Rodney uses his life experiences, including what he learned as an Army Drill Sergeant, to motivate and coach businesses and individuals. He wanted his logo to use chevrons (the inverted v-shaped military symbol used to indicate rank or length of service) to nod to his military background but in a subtle way. He also wanted the logo design to have a human element to make it more friendly and approachable.  We solved these design requirements by combining two chevrons to create a person as seen below. To learn more about Rodney and STL Coaching visit www.stlcoaching.com.

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…and here is their new business card design:

St. Louis graphic design & identity design

Visual Lure Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

Posted on February 23, 2012

We’ve been so busy designing world class logos, design savvy, user friendly, search engine optimized websites, award winning packaging designs and more, that we almost forgot we’ve officially been in business for 10 years (freelancing even longer, since the mid 90’s). We would like to thank all our customers, past and present, for the support and partnerships we’ve built. We couldn’t have done it without you.  We look forward to many more years to come.

Visual Lure crest logo design

Packaging Design for Feline Related Products

Posted on December 8, 2011

Visual Lure recently finished these two package designs for feline products developed by a St. Louis area pharmaceutical company. One is for feline hairball control and the other aids in the management of feline Herpes Virus-1 related diseases. Unlike many cat medicines, these are pleasant tasting to felines, making them easy to administer for pet owners. These products are sold exclusively by veterinarians.

UPDATE: The complete Capilex packaging design printed and photographed.

Capilex packaging design

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Custom Illustrated Christmas Card for St. Louis Area Engineering Firm

Posted on November 9, 2011

TWM, a St. Louis area engineering firm, recently contracted Visual Lure to create custom illustrated Christmas cards this year.  With complete creative control, we designed a card that features a couple of piggybacking elves working with a snowman on a land survey.  We also added a red gloved engineer inspecting a “season’s greetings” blueprint, and to finish it off, we added a snowy St. Louis skyline.  In addition to design services, we also wrote the copy: “We hope all your plans and dreams are fulfilled this holiday season!”.

graphic design - custom illustration christmas card for engineering firm

custom illustrated Christmas card

Justen Hong of Visual Lure can up with the concept and wrote the copy, and the illustration was a collaboration between he and Ev Rein.


Website Design for a St. Louis Metro East Maternity Shelter

Posted on August 23, 2011

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design a new website for Fontebella, a St. Louis Metro East maternity shelter, located in O’Fallon, IL serving Southern Illinois.  The new website will be built in WordPress which will allow our clients to update and maintain the new website with ease.  We also designed their logo, which was inspired by a stork carrying a baby, but because it’s a faith-based shelter, we replaced the stork with a dove.  Below is our proposed home page design.  Check back soon for the launch of the new website.

UPDATE: The new Fontebella website has launched.  Check out the new site here: www.fontebella.org.

St. Louis Web Design maternity shelter

proposed home page for new website design

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