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Visual Lure Honored with 6 Logos in LogoLounge 11

Posted on November 6, 2019

LogoLounge 11 Book Art

It is with great honor that we announce six of our logos were selected for the LogoLounge 11 book.  No matter how many times it happens, there is nothing better than getting that “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE MADE IT INTO LOGOLOUNGE BOOK” email.

This year, nearly 35,000 logos were submitted for this edition, making this one of LogoLounge’s largest competitions yet. Out of those, the incredible jurors chose 2,500 winning logos. Six of those logos were ours (shown below).

Visual Lure's LogoLounge 11 winners

Our Winning Logos:

The Visual Crave: A logo designed for a social media platform. The logo features three dimensional candy letters integrated into a VC monogram.

A&B Farm: A crest for a Farmington, Missouri farm. Logo features the owner’s Brittany Spaniel, ornate lettering, and a pair of antlers.

Bear River Brewing Icon: Logo icon for a craft beer brewer – featuring a silhouette of a grizzly bear standing in a river. Visual Lure was also responsible for naming.

Especially Me: An ornate seal/crest for a professional photography studio.

Bear River Brewing Seal: Logo seal featuring a bear rowing a canoe down a river with his huge bottle of beer – hence bear river brewing. Also features a palm tree representing the location of the brewer – Tampa, Florida.

Mightier Copywriting: Proposed name and logo for a professional copywriter. Logomark features a pen breaking a sword inspired by the famous quote “the pen in mightier than the sword”.

More About LogoLounge 11:

This 11th edition of the bestselling LogoLounge book series features the leading edge of identity design created by highly accomplished and noteworthy up-and-coming designers from around the world. Carefully curated by an expert panel made up of some of the most revered names in the industry, this volume offers up endless opportunity for insight and delight. Discover 2,500 amazingly crafted logos organized into unique visual categories for easy reference. Throughout the book, bonus case studies from respected firms including Stefan Sagmeister, Pentagram London, Hoodzpah, Focus Lab and Tad Carpenter provide a deeper look at design genius at work. This is the definitive identity resource for designers, creative directors, brand managers, and more. LogoLounge.com is the most comprehensive and searchable logo database available today. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including unlimited uploads that become entries for consideration in the LogoLounge book series. Join our community and make your mark on logo history.

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Check out their website: LogoLounge.com


Two Visual Lure Logo Designs to be Published in Logo Lounge 7 Book

Posted on September 7, 2011

We are proud to announce that two of our logo designs have been selected to be published in Logo Lounge 7.  The prestigious Logo Lounge book series showcase the best logos designed throughout the World and it is a huge honor being selected once again.  This will be our 7th and 8th logo, and 4th Logo Lounge book we will be featured in.  The two logos selected are our Weddings by Salvatore logo, designed for a St. Louis, MO wedding planning company, which features a formal crest made out of a diamond ring, roses/flowers, champagne glasses, a monogrammed shield and a wedding cake.  The other logo selected was our King Chemical logo, which features a crown (representing King) created from a splash of liquid (representing chemical).

Visual Lure's Logo Lounge 7 logo designs

Visual Lure's Logo Lounge 7 logo designs

Learn more about our logo design services and don’t forget to check out our logo design portfolio.

Two More Visual Lure Logos To Be Published In Upcoming LogoLounge Book

Posted on July 2, 2010

The two logos below have been selected to be published in the upcoming LogoLounge Master Series Book by Rockport entitled “Shapes and Symbols”. The LogoLounge books showcase the best logos designed throughout the World and it is a huge honor being selected again.  These will be our third and forth logo designs chosen to be published in the LogoLounge series.

logos to be published in upcoming LogoLounge book