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6 Visual Lure Logos Selected for LogoLounge 12

Posted on August 25, 2020

Getting this email never gets old:

LogoLounge 12 congrats email

Visual Lure logos have once again been selected to be published in LogoLounge. Book 12 this time around. With these logos, our total number of winning marks in LogoLounge books is 43 – in 9 different publications. Entries for this book included 43,000 submissions from over 60 countries worldwide. 3,000 were selected for the new book with 731 winning logo designers. To say we are honored is an understatement as LogoLounge is without a doubt the WORLD’S GREATEST logo library and one of the most prestigious logo publication around.

LogoLounge 12 stats

“Everyday designers are inspired and inspire others through LogoLounge. As a result, we also get to showcase top identity design from around the world through the LogoLounge book series, where a preeminent panel of jurors chose logos to represent the best of the best.” – LogoLounge

This year’s judges included: Dan Janssen, Mackey Saturday, Veronica Fuerte, Chris Do, Jonathan Rudolph, Justin Ahrens, Szende Brassai, Tamari Chabukiani, Bruno Campos and Eddie Lobanovskiy.


Our Winning Logos:

Visual Lure's LogoLounge 12 winning logos


LogoLounge 12- badge of honor


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Photography Logo Design for Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Posted on June 6, 2013

Kristian Kapon, a Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) photographer, contracted Visual Lure to design a new logo and custom WordPress website for his photography company.  We would say that more than 95% of the time we nail logos down on the first round of options, or at minimum, we get a strong starting point to work with. Well, this was one of the rare occasions where it took a couple of rounds to get one nailed down.  In our discovery stage, we always ask our clients to provide us with some sample logos they really like. Kristian provided us with a batch of logos that could have been broken down into two different styles, some where simple and clean and others were more dimension with effects, bevels and shadows.  Since most of the samples where clean and simple we explored those options, but what he really wanted was something with a little more “bling”.

Below are the initial logo design options we provided Kristian (he did somewhat like one), and below that are the second round of options. At the very bottom you will see the final logo design.  Even though we added the 3-D metallic effects, we feel the mark itself is very strong, a monogram featuring two overlapping “K”s.

Check back soon as we will be working on his new custom WordPress website.

photography logo design for KK, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas photographer

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