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Package Design for Supplement Freeze Pops

Posted on October 14, 2016

Visual Lure recently completed new packaging design for Amino Freeze Pops. Amino Freeze Pops are frozen treats for adult athletes and body builder that are packed with Electrolytes and BCAAs. Essentially, it is a frozen post-workout recovery drink. They provide a boost of energy, help with hydration, can increase stamina and aid in building muscle.

The old design featured icicle shapes that didn’t quite complement the logo/brand, and their attempt to visually highlight the Electrolytes and BCAAs fell short. The new design is much more cohesive and polished. Learn more about Amino at www.aminofreezepops.com.

The Power of a Hashtag

Are you using #hashtags in your social media strategy? If not, you should be, because you never know who will find you when you do. Landing this project is a great example of the power of a hashtag. Here’s the story: We recently completed new packaging design for 2nd Impact, a new supplement company based out of St. Louis, MO. We had just finished some of their designs and we posted them on our Visual Lure Instagram account. When we posted the images, we used the following hashtags: #PackagingDesign, #PackageDesign, #SupplementLabelDesign and #SupplementBrand. Within 30 minutes Amino Freeze Pops had followed us on Instagram, and we were having a conversation over the phone. We think that’s both crazy and amazing! A company based out of Boynton Beach, Florida, a company we would never have run into, is now a client all due to a hashtag.

Amino Freeze Pops Packaging

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Packaging Design for Feline Related Products

Posted on December 8, 2011

Visual Lure recently finished these two package designs for feline products developed by a St. Louis area pharmaceutical company. One is for feline hairball control and the other aids in the management of feline Herpes Virus-1 related diseases. Unlike many cat medicines, these are pleasant tasting to felines, making them easy to administer for pet owners. These products are sold exclusively by veterinarians.

UPDATE: The complete Capilex packaging design printed and photographed.

Capilex packaging design

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Harper Design’s Big Book of Packaging Arrives

Posted on April 13, 2011

We finally received the Big Book of Packaging (from Amazon.com) that features our Intercon Chemical packaging design.  What a great book, very diverse selections, a section specifically for eco-friendly packaging and submissions from all over the World.  On the spread where we are featured, there is work from Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China; Prishtina, Kosova, Albania and Melbourne, Australia.  Here are a couple snapshots of the book:

Big Book of Packaging - packaging design book

Big Book of Packaging cover

packaging design spread

spread featuring Visual Lure’s packaging design

packaging design closeup

close-up of our packaging design

Proposed Jackrabbit Packaging Design

Posted on December 8, 2009

We are still working on some other packaging design options, but here is our initial proposed package designs. Check back for more to come…

We are also working on a tagline and have came up with two we like. Which one do you like better?  “Get Jacked” or “Bounce Back”?  Please provide your tagline feedback by clicking the comments button below.


Proposed Jackrabbit Energy Chews Packaging Design

2nd Jackrabbit Packaging Design Option

2nd Jackrabbit Packaging Design Option

Chocolate Bar Packaging Design

Posted on August 12, 2009

Visual Lure was recently hired to design some chocolate bar packages.  We came up with three packaging design options.  We are still waiting for feedback, but will post the chosen designs later.