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St. Louis Packaging Design for Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Posted on June 13, 2013

A St. Louis Metro East manufacturer of automatic toilet bowl cleaners recently contracted Visual Lure to design its new packaging. They haven’t decided on whether to use the name Bright Bowl or Brite Bowl, and they wanted to have packaging design options for both.  However, once they reviewed our initial design options, they may utilize both.

Of their two main competitors, one uses blue packaging and the other uses green. They wanted their product to look completely different so they didn’t want to uses either of those colors. They also wanted their product to appeal to their main target audience, women, so we decided to use the color purple.  Color studies and research have shown that women like it.

Below are the two packaging design options we provided.  Check back soon to see if they use one design or both.

St. Louis package design for brite/bright bowl

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Package Design for New USAF Band of Mid-America CD

Posted on May 6, 2011

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design the packaging for a new CD being released by the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America.  It will be featuring the sounds of Clifton Williams, a famous composer and Air Force veteran.  Here is a sneak peek at our proposed cover which will feature Clifton’s signature embossed and foil stamped on a nice textured paper.

CD packaging design

Final Jackrabbit Energy Chews Package Design

Posted on January 15, 2010

Here is the final package design for Jackrabbit Energy Chews.

Jackrabbit Energy Chews package design

Complete Packaging System

Here is the actual package design photographed:

and the business cards we designed:

Proposed Jackrabbit Packaging Design

Posted on December 8, 2009

We are still working on some other packaging design options, but here is our initial proposed package designs. Check back for more to come…

We are also working on a tagline and have came up with two we like. Which one do you like better?  “Get Jacked” or “Bounce Back”?  Please provide your tagline feedback by clicking the comments button below.


Proposed Jackrabbit Energy Chews Packaging Design

2nd Jackrabbit Packaging Design Option

2nd Jackrabbit Packaging Design Option