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New PHP/Word Press Website for St. Louis Based Photography Album Company

Posted on October 25, 2011

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design a website for a St. Louis based photography album company.  The main pages and blog will be built in Word Press so that the client can easily maintain those sections. There will also be a very robust back-end store, a virtual album builder with live price quoting and custom admin sections that will be built in PHP.  Below is our proposed home page design. Check back soon for the official launch of the new website.

st louis word press web design

proposed web design

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Logo Design for a Collection of High-End Photography Albums

Posted on October 3, 2011

Once again Salvatore Cincotta Photography has turned to Visual Lure to design a new logo.  They are in the process of launching a new collection of high-end photography albums.  The new album line will be called The Signature Collection.  The only direction we received from Sal where these five words: elite, rich, boutique, modern and artisan.

I imagine the logo will be embossed into leather, possibly even stamped into metals or carved into wood, so the logo needs to be simple.  Below are our initial proposed logo designs.  The top left logo features a stack of photo albums that create the letter “S”.  The top right logo features a “SC” monogram which stands for both Signature Collection & Salvatore Cincotta.  The bottom left logo features a stack of three albums, the top two create the letter “S” and the bottom one creates the letter “C”.  The bottom right logo simply features an elegant script font.  Check back soon to see where these initial logo designs take us.

proposed logo design options for Salvatore Cincotta's Signature Collection

proposed logo design options

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One More Visual Lure Logo Selected to be Published in Logo Lounge 7 Book

Posted on September 29, 2011

We just received news that one more Visual Lure logo will be published in Logo Lounge 7.  That means three of our logos have been selected for book 7 for a grand total of nine Visual Lure logos published in the Logo Lounge series.  The latest logo selected is our good friend Salvatore Cincotta’s Films logo.  It features a strip of movie film that creates the letter “S”.

Sal is an extremely talented photographer, filmmaker, writer and educator based out of the St. Louis area. Check out Sal’s work at www.salcincotta.com.


Salvatore Cincotta Films Logo design in Logo Lounge 7

Salvatore Cincotta Films Logo design | Logo Lounge 7


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Web Design & Development for St. Louis Based Photography Consultant

Posted on May 17, 2010

Once again, international award winning photographer and author, Salvatore Cincotta has turned to Visual Lure for logo design, branding and website design & development.  After numerous successful speaking events and a couple book deals, Sal is entering the photography consulting business with a boom.  His consulting company is called “The Business Behind the Shutter”, which we assisted in naming.  The website will be www.BehindTheShutter.com.  We will post a link when the website goes live.  Here is a sneak peek at the new website.

BehindTheShutter.com web design

BehindTheShutter.com web design