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Logo Design for St. Louis Area Photography Company

Posted on May 2, 2011

Visual Lure was recently contracted to design a logo for a St. Louis Metro East photography company.  During our initial design consultation they asked for some type of hand scripted font. With this direction, we came up with the logo on the left.  We believe it is unique, personable and friendly, which we feel is perfect for a photography business.  This was the final logo they ended up going with.  The “nine flashes” logo on the right was another option we came up with while brainstorming/sketching.  It was not chosen, but we figured we’d show it anyway, for those who like to see some of our other solutions.

St. Louis photography logo design options

logo design options

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Logo Design for a St. Louis MO Donut Shop & Café

Posted on September 16, 2010

The Sultry Donut, a donut shop and café coming to Soulard, engaged Visual Lure to design it new logo.  They wanted the new logo design to have a vintage look and feel, since their plan is to have a classic café atmosphere with pinup style waitresses. So we used muted colors, vintage motifs and retro looking fonts to fulfill the clients wishes.  The logos below are what we came up with.  The chosen logo design is the large one on the top with the red headed pinup girl.

Sultry Donut Logo Design

Sultry Donut Logo Design

Nidacast Logo Design

Posted on March 25, 2010

Visual Lure is in the process of designing a logo for Nidacast, a St. Louis, MO based eCommerce company that will be selling guns, supplies, accessories and more.  We are also designing a fully customized eCommerce website.  Here are a couple of the logos we recently provided them.  Check back soon for the final logo design and the new website.

Proposed Nidacast Logo Design Options

Proposed Nidacast Logo Design Options


Update: Here is our proposed homepage design for the website:

Nidacast web design St. Louis

Helping a Non-For-Profit Organization With Its Logo

Posted on April 17, 2009

Here are a couple logo design options I just provided to Fontebella, a faith based non-for-profit maternity shelter coming to the Belleville and O’Fallon, IL area.  The logo on the left plays off the “stork” baby theme, but replacing the stork is a dove, symbolizing God’s gift of life. The logo in the middle is a heart which creates two symbolized heads, representing the mother and child, or the mother and a member of the shelter helping and supporting them. The logo on the right represents a fountain with life springing from it. (fonte means fountain and bella means beautiful)


The client decided to go with the following logo and color option.


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