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Logo Design Upgrade for St. Louis Metro East Trucking, Construction & Excavating Company

Posted on February 4, 2011

We run into logo design inconsistencies all the time.  Companies that have multiple versions of their logo, versions using different colors, different fonts, etc.  Sometimes the logo has been created by a designer, or recreated by a “shirt or sign guy”, lacking the skills and attention to detail needed to properly and professionally convert it.  This can lead to having a different logo on the company’s letterhead than they have on their trucks or even their business cards.  These inconsistencies can have a negative impact on your image and brand. Anyway, in the process of designing a new website, we recently updated, cleaned-up and modernized the logo below.  While staying true to the original logo, we strengthened it by bolding and enlarging the now cleaned-up font, we integrated the road so it doesn’t look like a separate design element, and we italicized it to add movement and motion. If you would like to upgrade your identity or logo give us a call at 618-407-9231 or email us at info@visuallure.com.  Learn more about our logo design services and check out our logo design portfolio.

Petroff Logo Design, Before and After

Petroff Logo Design, Before and After