New Logo for Private Bar/Lounge Coming to O’Fallon, Illinois

Posted on April 29, 2024

BEYOND is a private, members-only bar/lounge coming to the Blade Building’s 5th floor in O’Fallon, Illinois. The founder described the establishment as follows:

BEYOND isn’t just a haven for the finest cocktails, but a sanctuary where people gather to inspire and be inspired. Our Founding Fathers envisioned BEYOND as a place where people could shed the weight of everyday expectations and dare to dream bigger and reach further. And so, BEYOND lives up to its name, helping its members reach BEYOND their dreams, see BEYOND the possible, and believe in their wildest imagination. Pursue what seems impossible. Go BEYOND.

Here were our initial explorations which were heavily inspired by bourbon logos and labels:

Beyond logo options

…and here are the final logo lockups. The final logo was inspired by a barrel, but in an abstract/ambiguous way as bourbon, whiskey, and wine all use barrels to age and refine.

Beyond logo final lockups

…and here are some mock-ups to show how the logo can be implemented:

Beyond logo glass beyond hat design Beyond logo pin design