Stobbs Law Offices

Posted on March 22, 2016

About 5 years ago I decided that it would benefit my law practice to have a website. I began looking at different people who could help me, and after speaking to over a dozen firms specializing in web design, I hired Justen Hong and Visual Lure. This was probably the best decision I could have possibly made.

Visual Lure search engine optimized my website to maximize the number of hits. I have received numerous clients, who otherwise wouldn’t have known about me, thanks to the website. Justen also arranged the website to be user friendly and easy to navigate through. I found that the fees I paid to have my website set up were reasonable, especially in light of the fact that Visual Lure did everything. They turned my ideas into something much better than I envisioned. I couldn’t be happier with Visual Lure and would recommend anyone who is interested in web design to contact them. It has made a huge difference in my business.”