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Complete Rebrand for a St. Louis Metro East Photography Studio

Posted on March 11, 2010

Visual Lure is in the process of completely rebranding a St. Louis Metro East photography studio.  The name of the company is, or should we say was, Country Photos. The first thing we did was recommended a name change. We believed the name Country Photos could possibly turn off some potential clients with notions of rural imagery. The owner still wanted to keep the rural/rustic vibe but simply appeal to a large audience, so we recommended numerous names and decided on Woodlands Photography. Design services will include: logo design, identity design, website design, packaging, direct mail and more.  As usual, here is a little sneak peek. It is our proposed website design (with a proposed logo design too):

proposed Woodlands Photography website design

proposed Woodlands Photography website design

Proposed Web Design, Look 2

Second Proposed Web Design

second proposed web design option