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Logo & Packaging for New Healthy Dog Snacks Brand

Posted on June 11, 2024

DogNosh, an emerging pet brand specializing in dog snacks, enlisted Visual Lure for the development of their new logo and packaging design. As a brand focused on promoting canine health, they expressed a preference for the color green and sought a modern and refreshing aesthetic. Below, we present our initial logo concepts, followed by corresponding packaging designs.

In the top left corner, we present a logotype featuring a custom hand-drawn ‘g’, subtly incorporating a hidden dog face within the ‘og’ combination. The custom ‘g’ in the logo provides a sense of fun and uniqueness, contributing to its memorability.

In the top right corner, we explore a modern condensed logotype, with customized lettering and curved edges strategically placed for added visual interest.

For a touch of playfulness, we developed a logotype in the bottom left corner, where we integrated a dog tail into the letter ‘S’. This whimsical element adds charm while maintaining the brand’s essence.

Lastly, we ventured into more unconventional territory with a design aimed at disrupting the typical visual landscape of dog snack packaging. This concept pushes boundaries to ensure maximum visibility and shelf impact, setting DogNosh apart from mainstream competitors.


Logo design options for healthy dog snacks

Packaging Design Options:

Following the logo exploration phase, we delved into designing packaging options tailored to each prospective logo. This process allowed us to visualize how each logo would translate onto packaging, ensuring coherence and resonance with DogNosh’s brand identity.

DogNosh packaging design all

Packaging Option 1:

DogNosh packaging design option 1

Packaging Option 2:

DogNosh packaging design option 2

Packaging Option 3:

DogNosh packaging design option 3

Packaging Option 4:

DogNosh packaging design option 4

More to come…

Dognash is gearing up to launch four new exciting products in total! Stay tuned to discover which packaging they’ve selected for the first product, and keep an eye out for the unique designs of the remaining three packages.

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