Logo Design for a Northern Illinois Vegetable Farm

Posted on November 10, 2014

My mother recently asked me to design a new logo for her family’s farm. The farm is located just north east of Rockford in Caledonia, Illinois. It used to be her mother and father’s farm and today one of my aunts, and some of my cousins, are growing fresh vegetables there and selling them at a local farmer’s market.

It was initially going to be called Corner Creek Farm, but after some discussion we decided to name it Adamson Family Farm. I was having a hard time coming up with a solid concept for Corner Creek Farms, but once they decided to go with Adamson Family Farm, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to incorporate a picture of my Grandpa, Andrew Adamson, in the design of the new logo. Below is a picture of my mother’s family with my Grandpa at the bottom right. He was a farmer, and a carpenter, and I believe the source of my creativity as he too was an artist (with wood, and a very handy guy). He is also the one responsible for my large ears.

Using the picture my mother provided I hand drew his face, added a hat, and I put him in overalls as that is what he would always be wearing. Below the family photo are the final three and two-color logos and the one color logo options (one reversed out and the other one solid). Underneath that is a sample box, t-shirt and bags showcasing how the new logo can be applied. At the very bottom is the brand color palette and typefaces.


Adamson Family Farm logo design & branding

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