Kristin Ashley Website

Kristin Ashley Website

Kristin Ashley Events is a premier, award-winning, nationally-recognized wedding planner based in St. Louis, Missouri – who is known for her caring and thoughtful approach to event/wedding planning and design. Her only goal is to create a stress-free wedding experience for her clients and a memorable event for their guests.

KAE WordPress website

Visual Lure does not typically work with preexisting WordPress themes – as we specialize in fully-custom built websites. However, when a good customer request to use one, we will typically help them out. That is the case with this site. It uses a theme called Crowd 2 by Flothemes.

Our services included: setup and installation of the theme, basic customizations, content population, all onsite search engine optimization (SEO), and performance & speed improvements – which took this somewhat heavy theme and streamlined it – giving it all green scores on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and an A (98%) PageSpeed Score on GTmetrix.

Visual Lure also made the site secure (http to https) with the installation of an SSL certificate, and populated all the 301 redirects to ensure no lost SEO ranking power and 401 page not found errors.


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