Designer Resume & Job Search Tips

This page is dedicated to helping web and graphic designers with their resumes and employment search. Design firm’s employment processes and requirements surely vary, but here is how it works at Visual Lure:

Design Resume Do’s & Don’ts

First of all, if you have any typos or grammatical errors in your resume, it goes directly into the trash. Secondly, make sure you provide samples of your work with your resume. Do not have “samples available at your request.” If you send your samples via the internet, have all your samples in ONE quick loading low resolution document. DO NOT send 10 high resolution PDFs! Four to six samples each of logo design, print/graphic design and web design should be plenty. If you are right out of design school and don’t have enough samples; find some unappealing designs and re-design them. You can even make up a company and design for them.

Design Firm Research

Do some research on the design firm you are interested in. For instance, we are a smaller design firm, so we require our designers to have identity/logo design, print design and web design experience. Also, we won’t look any further into a designer if they don’t have a well designed website of their own.

Brand Yourself

Find a creative or unique way of showcasing your resume and samples. Remember, you are branding yourself. Your resume and samples are a design project in themselves – it is the perfect place to showcase your design skills.

Passion for Design – Mandatory

If you don’t love design, and when I say “love design”, I mean that for some reason you have to look at the colors, fonts, illustrations, composition, leading, kerning etc. of every logo, label, menu, billboard, sign and website you come across, then you may want to look into another profession.

Visual Lure is Currently Not Hiring

We currently do not have any positions open. However, send us your resume, and if it follows the tips we provided, we will keep it on file for future employment opportunities.

Thank you and good luck!